BAT Field Kits and BAT Filter Tips


#1-101 BAT Piezometer Kit BAT Sensor 30 meter cable, BAT Field Unit, Field case, accessories
In-built logger for long-term data collection (~10000 values temp/pressure).


#1-102 BAT Piezometer Kit BASIC BAT Sensor BASIC 25 meter cable, Readout unit, Field case, accessories 
BAT Piezometer BASIC is used for manual pore pressure measurements.


#3-300 BAT Permeameter Kit In-situ permeability testing for use together with BAT Piezometer 


#5-100 BAT Groundwater Sampler Field Kit with vials, vacuum pump and cable reel for discrete groundwater samples
down to 50 meter below ground surface.


#1-200 BAT Sensor Standard length 30 meter. For additional measuring points used together with the BAT Field Unit.


#2-100 BAT Sensor Standard Filter Tip. Made of inert high-strength thermoplastic designed for installation in soft soils. Designed and tested for 25kN installation force. 


#2-101 BAT MkIII HD Filter Tip Heavy duty filter tip, made of acid proof stainless steel. Designed for installation in harder soils such as coarse sand and gravel. Replaceable filter.


#2-102 BAT MkIII Vadose Filter Tip BAT Filter Tip designed for installation in the vadose zone. Can withstand a suction of 90% vacuum. Replaceable filter.

Accessories and consumables


#4-401 Blue needle. Used for connection between BAT Sensor and BAT Filter Tip.


#4-402 Yellow needle. Used for water saturation of the BAT MkIII Filter Tip.


#4-403 Double ended needle. Used with the BAT Permeameter and the BAT Groundwater Sampler.


#4-404 Syringe, 25ml. Used when water saturating the BAT Filter Tip or adjusting system pressure for BAT Permeameter.


#3-306 Septum. Replacement rubber membrane for sample vials.


#3-107 BAT Measure tape. Calibrated measure tape for determining installation depth of BAT Filter Tips.


#3-208 Protective box for BAT Sensor. Stealth and rain-protection for BAT Sensor. Mounted on 1"-pipe.


#3-201 Plexiadapter Plexiglass adapter for BAT Sensor GenI.

#3-201-RF Plexiadapter Stainless steel adapter for BAT Sensor GenI.

#3-211 Plexiadapter Plexiglass adapter for BAT BASIC Sensor GenI.

#3-204 O-rings. Spare o-rings for BAT sensor GenI.

#3-212 O-rings. Spare o-rings for BAT sensor Basic GenI.
3-204-II O-ring. Spare o-ring for BAT Sensor /BASIC GenII.



#3-202 Transfer nipple for BAT-sensor GenI / BAT Basic sensor GenI.
#3-202-II Transfer nipple for BAT sensor GenII / BAT Basic sensor GenII.



#3-203 Guide sleeve for BATsensor. Plastic.
#3-203-RF Guide sleeve for BATsensor.
Stainless steel.