Modes of pore pressure measurement

Due to the unique quick-connect system, the BAT Piezometer can be used in a highly flexible manner. The different modes of pore pressure measurement are:

Manual measurement 

The traditional BAT Piezometer uses single, manual measurements. This type of measurement can be repeated with maintained accuracy over a long period of time (several years).

One BAT Sensor can serve several permanently installed BAT Filter Tips.

Stand-alone data logging

The BAT Sensor can be programmed in a stand-alone logging mode to take pressure measurements at preselected time intervals. Powered with a D-size battery the BAT Sensor can collect data up to 10 months.

Wireless data transfer

The BAT Sensors are, thanks to the digital protocol, easily interconnected
with each other. One single cable connects the sensors to the network which minimizes the amount of cabling and labour.

Up to 100 sensors can be connected to each network and measuring parameters are for example:

  • pore pressure
  • inclination
  • ground water level
  • settlement


BAT GPRS-module

BAT GPRS-module is a solar powered datalogger and transmitter which can supply up to 20 measurement channels.
BAT GPRS-module is ideal for smaller project or / and where
the possibility of cabling is restricted.