BAT MKIII Standard Filter Tip


The BAT MKIII Standard Filter Tip is made of high-strength thermoplastic designed for installation in the most common soils. Designed and tested for 25kN installation force. #2-100 






The BAT MKIII HD (heavy duty) is machined in acid proof stainless steel which has a higher corrision resistance than ordinary stainless steel. The BAT MKIII HD is suitable for installation in harder soils such as coarse sand and gravel. The PE-filter is replaceable which allows retraction and reinstallation of the BAT MKIII HD Filter Tip. #2-101



BAT MKIII Vadose  


The BAT MKIII Vadose Filter Tip is especially developed for pore pressure measurements in
the unsaturated zone (negative pore pressures). The ceramic filter allows measurement of negative pressures down to a suction of 90% vacuum. Together with the BAT Sensor it acts as a tensiometer. Should the tensiometer dry out during long term measurement it is easily re-activated using the BAT Permeameter for re-saturation of the filter. 

For permeability testing in clay liners, with moderate under pressures and small installation depths, the BAT MKIII Vadose has been videly used. The ceramic filter is replaceable making the filter tip reusable. #2-102

Technical specifications: